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NZ Flower by Newsgomergirl
NZ Flower
The first digital art thing that I've done since July!  

So it may not be that grand, but I just wanted to play around with the different effects and paint brushes that Correl had. And I wanted to do something different.  

BTW: Here is the original image:… All I did was draw over it. =P
The rain outside started coming down hard making relaxing, soft sounds that would help sooth Isabel's spirit from the stress of the day.  Finding it useless to sleep, she got up from her bed and walked over to the window.  There were nights when the rain would actually be pleasant to look at.  It certainly fit her current mood at the time.  She looked over past the fields and towards the lone tree where the lake was.  

The lake was barely visible until some of the clouds started to break apart and the moon started to shine through.  Isabel could see the rain on the lake a little more clearly now.  

And she saw splashes in the lake.  Big splashes that did not come from just raindrops alone.  

Isabel studied the lake to figure out what exactly was causing the great disturbance in the lake.  As she was looking carefully and noticed what looked to be like a body thrashing around the water.  

"Somebody's in the lake!", Isabel said aloud as she hurried to put on her slippers and a robe.  

She rushed quietly downstairs as to not wake anyone for it was a very late hour.  She quickly tiptoed into the kitchen and found a lit lamp from the post.  Then, she scampered out of the back door and into the fields.  She didn't care that she was getting rained on as she was running.  The thought of somebody possibly drowning was much more serious than wet clothes.  

The lantern helped Isabel see a little as she had finally found herself at the lone tree.   The moon had been going in and out of the clouds, but then it had finally cleared out the clouds for good, reducing the rain to just a light mist and also revealing the mystery figure.  

Isabel hid behind the tree as to not be seen by this person.  She peeked over the tree to get a glimpse on the person.  It was clear that the whoever the person was, hadn't noticed Isabel, for he was out of the lake now and dancing.  

Dancing so carelessly, but he was happy.  At least she thought it was a man.  The figure had long hair but no breasts.  She looked farther down and…

"Yes!  It is definitely a man!", she thought to herself as she quickly turned her eyes away.  

"What exactly is a man doing frolicking around at this hour."  She peeked over the tree again, "and why is he swimming and dancing around naked?!"

She observed the mysterious man some more.  There was a certain rare beauty in the way he was dancing.  It seemed like he was embracing the rain rather than cursing at it.  A random and crazy thought had entered her mind as she was watching the man dance.  Almost every person would find his nudity profane or offensive, but somehow her thoughts about it had changed and she found a strange sense of innocence to him.  

When he turned around facing her, she immediately recognized the panda eyes and platinum hair.  He was the gypsy boy!  

Then he caught sight of Isabel and he froze.

"Please don't be afraid!", Isabel moved from the tree towards the gypsy boy.  "I'm the girl from the market place who wanted the bracelet you made!  I won't harm you!"

The young man's look of fear relaxed as he remembered who the girl was, but he still looked pretty cautious.  

"I just… I mean…. I want to know… Um…", Isabel found herself stumbling upon her words.  The boy was simply too beautiful for her to think straight.

"Why are you dancing in the rain?  Without any clothes on?", she finally spat out feeling a little blush.

The gypsy boy just stared at her and smiled.  "The sky was crying!  So I had to cheer her up!", he raised his arms towards the misting clouds.  

"What?!", the girl looked confused.

The young man laughed as he ran towards the lake and jumped back in.  He simply floated on his back and backstroked through the water as the mist turned back into a light shower.  

"Would you care to join me?", the gypsy held out his hand as Isabel walked towards the lake.  

"Right now?!  But it's raining!"

He laughed again, "But miss!  You are already wet!"

Isabel bit her lip, contemplating on whether or not she should join this wild young man, whom she barely knew in the cold, dark water or if she should just politely decline.  

But then the moon revealed itself again, reducing the shower back to a mist.  

And the gypsy's eyes glowed from the shadows.  A smile of innocence emerged.

Isabel's mind had wondered in the moonlight, which quickly led to her feet losing balance and finding herself falling into the water.  

"Well, here we go again.", the gypsy sighed as he walked over towards the shrieking girl.   She was splashing so hard that she didn't realized that she was actually standing up with the water just coming to her waist.  

When she felt herself being pulled in his arms, her fears began to cease.  

"Don't worry love.  This is shallow lake.  You wont' have to worry about drowning.",  he said in his familiar Russian accent.  

Isabel coughed from the water as she rested her face upon his shoulders.  "Oh Lord!", she thought.   "I'm standing in middle of a lake, soaking wet and in the arms of naked gypsy man!  What would Gertrude think of this?!  Or the Duke?", Isabel's snorted at the thought of the Duke and decided to stop worrying about everything.  At this point, she didn't care if she was going to get ill the next day for she was already soaked.  

She may as well dance with this crazy, yet gorgeous young man in the rain.

"This feels familiar.  Like I've done this before, no?"

She pulled away from the young wet, glistening shoulders to look at him, "You remembered?"

"Crazy girl falling off the bridge in St. Petersburg.", he smiled.  "If hadn't been so scared at the time, I would have gone swimming with you."

"Well, I’m not scared anymore.", she boasted folding her arms.  

The young man let go of Isabel from his hold and slowly walked around her.  

"Really?", he whispered from behind.  "Shall we test that bravery?"  

He lightly pushed her face first in the water, but she caught herself.  She turned around an attempt to get back at him, but she ended up splashing him.  The both of them played around with each other, splashing and dancing in the water.

After a few minutes, they had both grown tired and made their way out of the lake.  Isabel found her robe in the water and pulled it out to give to the young man.  She was having so much fun that she did not realize that her robe had fallen off.

"Would it be too much trouble if you came over to the manor to for some dry clothes?  I don't want to see you catch cold.", Isabel said as they walked towards the tree.

"The thought sounds nice, but I really only wondered around here to take a bath."

"Just for a bath?"

"And enjoying any freedom I have before I have to go back to the headmistress."

The young man walked over towards the other side of the tree, only to find his clothes were half-eaten and wet.

"I think I may have to take up on your offer.", he turned around.

Isabel picked up the lantern, that still had a small flame flickering, and took the young man's hand to begin walking towards the manor.  

"I just realized, I feel as if I had known you my whole life, yet I don't even know your name.", she said.

"If it's all the same to you my dear, I don't really know your name either.", he replied.  They had both stopped walking to face each other.

"Alright, my name is Isabel de la Conti.  Countess of Piedmont.  But you can just call me Isabel."

"Isszzzyy-bel", the gypsy joked as she laughed.  

"Actually, Izzy will be just fine.", she smiled.

"Izzy.  My dear Izzy.", he took her free hand.

"You can call me, Nikita.", he kissed her hand gingerly.
The Countess and The Gypsy-4: A Dance in the Rain
Someone, please tell me if I should put a mature filter on this or not because I'm not sure.  

At least we know the gypsy's name now! :D 
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I was finally able to conjure up enough money and buy the Corel Design Suite (Home and Student Edition) today.  I've messed around with it for a little bit, but even though it's not Adobe, I think this will be pretty good.  Either way, I'm just glad I get to start digitally drawing again.  Hope you all didn't get too bored with my stories. =p


United States
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